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Peanut Chopping Line

Peanut Chopping Line
Peanut Chopping Line
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Product Code : BC-10
Brand Name : XINYILONG
Product Description

Peanut Chopping Line

Persistently marching in today’s competitive market, our company is recognized as one of the well established manufacturers and exporters of Peanut Chopping Line. We have with us state of the art machines & technology, which enable us to manufacture wide range of chopping line for our customers. Our offered Peanut Chopping Line is widely used by snacks manufacturers or confectionery. These chopping line machines are in high demand due to its features like robust construction, impeccable performance and low power consumption.

Further Details:

Peanut Chopping Line is designed to make chopped peanuts, it can provide substantial value addition to the raw groundnuts. The product is mainly provided to snacks manufacturers, confectionary within the country and oversea market, most of local peanut manufacture begin to enter the further processing on peanuts.



Processing purpose

It begins from raw peanut in shell, through cleaning, shelling, grading, sorting, roasting, blanching and packing, peanuts will be ready for making coating, frying, salting, and peanut butter.

Process Flow Chart

Cleaning & Shelling: Peanut in shell or pods are cleaned by destoner, the leaves, small stalks and stones will be separated by mechanical, then feed into peanut sheller, peanut kernels and shell will be separated automatically.

Grading & Sorting: According to different size and count, peanut kernels will be graded by peanut sieving machine, then they are flowing to different conveyors for sorting out the unperfected by manual, if considering the manpower cost, such conveyors can be replaced by color sorter.

Roasting: Low temperature roasting is preferable in this processing, in order to ensure the blanching result and reduce the split ratio during blanching. The suitable thickness of peanuts should be 1-2cm, roasting temperature is 75 ℃ or so, roasting time is 25min. On Satisfying above condition, the blanching ratio can reach to 99%.

Blanching: Light roasted peanuts come from vibrating discharge device, through bucket conveyor, are feed into blancher, under the rotating and friction of rollers, the red skin will be taken, and sucked by the air cyclone. The blanched peanuts will fall down to the conveyor.

Sorting: the blanched peanuts pass through the sorting belt for picking up the bad kernels, the job can be finished by manpower or by color sorter.

Metal detecting: metal detector is design to inspect the metal impurities and put them out, in order to avoid the chopper damaged by metal impurities.

Chopping: blanched peanut is feed into chopper to be chopped in different size. the size can be in 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, through adjusting the gap of cutters, you can realize and get different chopped size.


Packing: Packing is done as per customer specification, generally they are packed in 10 or 12.5 kgs vacuum polythene bags